When will I receive my tickets?

You can expect to receive your tickets 1-3 days prior to the event. We'll make sure to deliver them to you in a timely manner, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare for the event.

Where do Tixtfy get the tickets from?

At Tixtfy, we take great pride in ensuring that our customers have access to authentic and legitimate event tickets. We source our tickets directly from official sources and event providers themselves. This means that when you purchase tickets through Tixtfy, you can have confidence that you are receiving tickets that are genuine and authorized by the event organizers.

By obtaining tickets directly from the official sources and event providers, we eliminate the risks associated with counterfeit or invalid tickets. This not only guarantees your entry to the event but also helps to support the artists, venues, and organizers by ensuring that they receive the revenue they deserve.

Your trust and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to providing you with a secure and reliable ticket-buying experience. So, when you choose Tixtfy, you can be sure that your tickets come directly from the most reputable sources in the event industry.

Are my seats next to each other?

Please see the specific event to verify this.

If you selected a quantity greater than 1 for a certain event, such as football or rugby, then yes; you will be seated together.

I didn't receive my order confirmation email?

Please check your 'junk' or 'spam' folder in your email inbox.

If you still cannot find your booking confirmation, please email us on help@tixtfy.com

One of the team will be happy to help.

What happens if my event is postponed?

Rest assured, if the event you've purchased tickets for is rescheduled to a different date, you're in good hands. Your tickets remain valid for the rescheduled event date, so there's no need to be concerned about the change.

What happens if my event is cancelled?

If the event that you have booked gets cancelled, then your ticket will too. This means you'll receive a full refund.

Can I add another ticket to my order?

Adding another ticket onto your existing order depends on the availability of the event. Please contact the team help@tixtfy.com and we will do our best to help.

Is there a different price depending on the age?

At present, we maintain a standard pricing model that applies to all our valued customers, irrespective of age or student status. It's worth noting that, for certain events, regular tickets may be necessary for young children and infants.

Are tickets guaranteed?

Yes tickets for events that haven't been postponed or cancelled are guaranteed.

If the event you have booked gets postponed or cancelled by the official organisers, then we would be in-touch straight away to resolve the matter.

How are tickets delivered?

Typically, tickets are delivered electronically by email. Depending on the event type, tickets may be physical paper tickets. If the event tickets are not electronic e-tickets, then we will state otherwise on the event listing,

Can I cancel my tickets once purchased?

Once an order is confirmed, it's essential to understand that all orders are deemed as final and are unable to be modified, canceled, or refunded.

Why have I been asked to provide proof of billing?

At Tixtfy, we take the security and authenticity of our transactions seriously, which is why we may request proof of billing for certain orders. Verifying your billing information helps us ensure the integrity of your transaction and minimizes the risk of fraud. This extra layer of security is in place to protect you as our valued customer.

How can I pay online?

We provide a range of payment options. You can select from a variety of card providers such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and even PayPal. Additionally, we offer several local payment alternatives. Please feel free to opt for the payment method suits you best.